[in-tok-si-key-ting] adjective – 1. causing or capable of causing intoxication: intoxicating beverages. | 2. exhilarating; exciting: an intoxicating idea.

The Exotic looks of Kiara and Ushantha made for a Intoxicating shoot. They also make a great team and really complimented each other well. I’ll actually be using the two of them on a different project later this month or perhaps early September before New York. Looking forward to really seeing how diverse of models they both can be.

For this look I wanted two looks. Something a bit vintage which has been my thing as of late, and the other look being a bit more bohemian. I have to thank the beautiful Lyndsey for providing the cool fur vest Nevena Arsekin for the amazing jewelry and accessories.

Hair: Wesley Palmer (Team Styles)
Makeup: Jessica Garza
Wardrobe: Lyndsey Case & Nevena Arsekin
Models: Kiara Penson & Ushantha Kawmini


Behind the Scenes Video

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