Layla and Huston Wedding – Austin, TX

11/11/11 and I find myself in Austin, TX getting ready to shoot a wedding. A departure from my fashion stuff, but pretty is pretty right?! Well it is when it’s at the beautiful Mercury Hall in South Austin.

Layla had contacted me a few months prior asking me if I would be interested in their wedding after viewing a ad I had put out. To be exact, a marketing campaign focused on wedding and engagement photography in the Houston and Austin markets. Not my usual line of work but after some thought I decided to expand my photography services. I am after all a photographer and do have to pay my light bill. That and I honestly feel that the packages I have come up sit nicely in-between amateur or so called photographers on Craigslist, and your really experienced professional wedding photographers that can really get quite pricey.

We discussed the details of the wedding, the date, my photography style, etc…and we really clicked. Layla liked my style and her wedding sounded like the perfect fit for me. A date was set and the rest is history. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and a total blast to shoot. Even if the sun was going down and I was shooting all natural light. I mean, what would a photo gig be without some sort of challenge. 2 words kiddos – FAST PRIMES. I would like to thank Layla and Huston once again for trusting me with their very special date. I hope my photos bring back the great memories countless times.

So yeah, if you need a wedding or engagement photographer, hire me. A fashion photographer who can rock wedding/engagement photos!

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  1. yay! so beautiful, it was a pleasure to meet you at the wedding jay! the pictures are great, so classic and lovely!!!

  2. Jay, Layla is like a daughter to me. I couldn’t attend the wedding, so I’m happy to see such beautiful pictures. You merged your photographic gift with the personality of the couple to create a warmth that I felt. Thank you!

  3. Congradulations again Layla! Steven and I are so happy for you both! I love the pictures. The night phots were absolultely amazing! Cheers!

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