Summer Weddings

It’s been a hot summer in Texas, but not nearly as hot as these new love birds! Now seeing that I mainly shoot Fashion, you might not think I do wedding photography, well from time to time I do. Mainly when my schedule allows, but also because I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s something I get quite a bit of enjoyment from seeing that I actually started off my career with a lot of of event photography. Weddings are very much like events but with a hint of magic and romanticism added. Not only do you want to capture the mood of the wedding but all the magical moments.

I’ve also been asked a few times lately to knock out some really high fashion bridal portraits. Now this is right up my alley and is a juxtaposition of fashion, art and wedding. You can view a bit more of my Wedding | Engagement | Bridal type work by visiting that category on my blog –

So when I have a friend or acquaintance ask me if I shoot weddings, my answer is yes. For me the most important thing to consider when asked to shoot a wedding is the couple. Do I click with them and will my photography style fit with their vision. If the answer is yes, well let the fun begin. A few sample photos below from some very fun and beautiful weddings I’ve shot this summer. Make sure to view the SlideShow which has a bit more.


Mary Tocco Bridal Portraits

Catching the soon going down for some whimsical shots of the soon-to-be bride, Marry Tocco. There’s just something magical about combining bridal portraits and fashion.

Hair: Julian Ramirez
Makeup: Bev Caplan

A Juxtaposition of Elegance and Edge

A juxtaposition of elegance and edge is how designer Natalie Harris describes her Damsel White Label. A designer I’ve known for a few months now and have been looking forward to working with. When Natalie sent me a message asking if I could do a last minute shoot for her I gladly agreed. First off, I think she’s a talented designer and secondly, she’s a way cool girl with a vision.

We met for a quick coffee and she explained how she just needed a few quick shots for PR reasons and a date was set. Now I just needed to line up a team for the shoot. I mean, we can’t do a shoot without kickass hair and makeup right? Even if just for a few needed shots. First call I made was to my trusty hair genius Dennis and he was down. Secondly I lined up a model that we felt would rock this shoot. I called my friend Brandy since she had the look Natalie was going for. When it came down to makeup I was excited when Marc Harvey offered to help out since we had never worked together but I had always admired his work.

As always, the team did an incredible job and I love our quick shots. Really can’t wait to work with Natalie and really put together a photoshoot so stay tuned for that.

Wardrobe: Natalie Harris –
Model: Brandy Alexandrea Anderson
Hair: Dennis Clendennen –
Makeup: Marc Harvey –



Layla and Huston Wedding – Austin, TX

11/11/11 and I find myself in Austin, TX getting ready to shoot a wedding. A departure from my fashion stuff, but pretty is pretty right?! Well it is when it’s at the beautiful Mercury Hall in South Austin.

Layla had contacted me a few months prior asking me if I would be interested in their wedding after viewing a ad I had put out. To be exact, a marketing campaign focused on wedding and engagement photography in the Houston and Austin markets. Not my usual line of work but after some thought I decided to expand my photography services. I am after all a photographer and do have to pay my light bill. That and I honestly feel that the packages I have come up sit nicely in-between amateur or so called photographers on Craigslist, and your really experienced professional wedding photographers that can really get quite pricey.

We discussed the details of the wedding, the date, my photography style, etc…and we really clicked. Layla liked my style and her wedding sounded like the perfect fit for me. A date was set and the rest is history. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and a total blast to shoot. Even if the sun was going down and I was shooting all natural light. I mean, what would a photo gig be without some sort of challenge. 2 words kiddos – FAST PRIMES. I would like to thank Layla and Huston once again for trusting me with their very special date. I hope my photos bring back the great memories countless times.

So yeah, if you need a wedding or engagement photographer, hire me. A fashion photographer who can rock wedding/engagement photos!

He was a basketball player and she brought the high heat!

One of the coolest things about shooting engagement photos or couples is learning a bit about them. You know, how did they meet, how did they fall in love and for Jamie and Chris this was no difference. Thing is, they’ve been together 17 years and and you couldn’t tell they didn’t just meet. They were a blast to shoot and lot’s of fun. We even had time to chat a bit over coffee at my favorite spot Agora.

They met back in their college days, Chris was on a basketball scholarship and Jamie was bringing the high heat in College softball. Well some things don’t change and the red head was still bring the high heat. Chris made me uber jealous with his ability to spin a basketball at ease :) Anyway, enjoy a few of the shots.


Ryan and Caroline

What, engagement photos by Jay Marroquin?! That’s right, by yours truly. So if you know any couples needing a photographer, you know where to send them ;)

Had the pleasure of shooting Ryan and Caroline recently which was way fun. Ryan’s an Army guy who was in town from San Antonio and Caroline is well, just one cool redhead from Houston. I always love hearing how people met and shooting these two was a blast.

Even had time to get a shot of the family pets for them

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